Florian Rand on Monday, May 24th, 2021

Crafting a new brand and digital experience for Balea Travel & Events

Balea is a small agency located in the south of Spain, in Granada city. They are specialized in guided tours.

Balea is a 100% online business. They needed a new brand identity and digital experience to properly convey the company values and improve the costumer digital experience on their website.

Balea is this close-knit, warm business that treats their clients like family. It's in their core and very important to them "Our Guided tours must feel like a friend is showing you the monument, or walking with you around the city", said Eva Balea, Balea Travel's CEO.

The old logo

old balea logo

The new brand

New Balea travel brand

Balea logotype color versions

Balea color palette and typography


Hero header Balea website