I'm a multidisciplinary designer and software developer who also likes to write from time to time, animals (specially cats), skateboarding, sci-fi novels and music. I fucking love music. 🤓.


Born in Granada, Spain.

My first programming steps started when I was a child with an 8-bit MSX, but nothing serious. I'm not one of those geniuses. Just a child with nine years old who learned how to program in BASIC and some z80 ASM to cheat some games.

I always had a thing for technology and computers. Thanks to one of my best friends I'm a proud Linux user since 1996. But, I wasn't attracted only to technology. I also loved everything hand-crafted. I was that distracted kid in school and highschool doodling in a piece of paper.

I've done a lot in my professional career. I moved to Barcelona where I worked as a freelance retoucher, fashion photographer, CGI generalist, email marketing developer, web designer, web developer and Art director. I've worked for small advertising agencies and big ones. I've worked for big brands like Honda, Seat, Equivalenza, Tarik Ediz, TBS, Lidl... But the work I'm most proud of is from my smallest clients.

In 2016 for personal reasons, I started an I-do-not-give-a-fuck career change focusing more on the technical side and my nerd roots. You can read more about this in detail in my from graphic design to development article.